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Cost Of A New Seeded Lawn
by Ed on 11/13/07

I know it is now time to put the lawn mower away a break out the snow blowers in the Great Midwest. I cannot help myself as I cannot believe how many people have not heard of a lawn installation process called hydro-seeding in the great state of Wisconsin. I know we run behind the times on fashion and other new things, but we really need to start thinking here people. People are still using a caveman way of throwing grass seed in the air and covering it with straw, you see it all the time here. I know its heard to believe. Then even using granular fertilizers that can run off and cause harm to other areas. The really bad stuff is rolled out straw blankets. These blankets are held together by a plastic mesh which animals can become entangled in and die. Not to mention we are covering the earths soil with a plastic compound that will never never dissolve. I see it here in Wisconsin all the time, is no one concerned about our wild life and environment.

The real kicker is there is a process called hydro-seeding that is 100 times better than the straw/seed and the grass / straw process uses unsafe granular fertilizers of the past. The hydro-seeding lawn installation process gives you a new sod quality lawn in 4 weeks and costs half the price. Did you get that? Sod quality like lawn in 4 weeks. The best part no animals dying in plastic nets or old granular fertilizers in our hydro-seeding process. I could install lawns and erosion barriers with seed and plastic netting all day and make tons of money; but I won’t. The hydro-seeding process saves our environment and wildlife. That’s enough reason right there. You want more of a reason, that even some builders don’t know? It is more economical to hydro-seed then use the roll out plastic/straw blankets. That’s right even builders are not aware of the advantages of hydro-seeding. You see most of them have set up deals with landscapers who don’t use hydro-seeding machines because it would cost them to much. You see the machines are costly at first, but really pay for themselves in the end.

Their is another very sad factor of this whole thing, it is illegal help in our great country that is one of the causes for all this damage. The landscape companies take advantage of these poor people by paying them very low wages and getting away with it as these people are not even suppose to be here as they are illegal. So, instead of buying the hydro-seeding machines, they exploit these poor people for their own huge money gains. The landscapers using illegal help don’t want to tell the builders they work with, that hydro-seeding is better and safer as it was cost them more money. The builders on the other hand would get a much better lawn at cheaper rate which is safe for all. You maybe asking your self how is it cheaper? You see the landscaper company owner still charges a premium rate for a low quality product. So, the only one who sees the benefits is the landscape company owner. There are many builders that just think it is the cheapest route to get their lawns and erosion barriers put in. Builders making millions and millions and they don’t even know. So, without general home owner being told about hydro-seeding and all of its benefits, how would they know?

There are some high quality builders that know about it and just automatically figure since it is new and high tech that it is expensive, but it is not at all. The people in the southern parts of the country have been using hydro-seeding for many years already. The builders here may have also run into high priced hydro-seeders when it first arrived here and just said it’s to expensive. This is not the case anymore if they would just take 1 second and read a letter or take a phone call from a quality hydro-seeding company representative they would see that hydro-seeding is far better for new lawns and erosion control. The new home owner would be the other one to benefit highly from hydro-seeding. Besides a hydroseeded lawn being very economical for a home owner to put in, it is also less expensive to get and keep a great looking lawn. The straw/seed landscapers don’t want you to know, it costs more in fertilizer and still grows 50% weeds and then you finally get 50% grass. A straw/seed lawn takes 2 years to grow in. hydro-seeded lawns take 4 weeks! You do the math on materials and time spent. It is really obvious that hydro-seeding is by far the most economical and best product.

The International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals maintains a list of professional hydro-seeders for the whole country ( It is a great source to help find out about hydro-seeding and professional, look for the contractors that have the I.A.H.P. symbol by their company name as these are members the others are just known contractors in that area, stick with the members. The Wisconsin listings has members right at the top of their list of contractors. Many contractors can have large areas that they will service, so just call and ask.

I really wish some people who would be interested in helping the environment would help spread the word about hydro-seeding. If you want more info, please leave a comment or e-mail and we can talk about hydro-seeding and it’s benefits to all. People building a house need to ask their builder if they know of a quality hydro-seeder in the area. If they don’t just check the site above. I don’t like to give free advertising to a site, but I feel it is a worthy cause. I even encourage all builders to look into and just because one hydro-seeder is a little high, does not mean all are. I have heard of hydro-seeders going as low as 6.5 cents per square foot for large builders. Think of what you can buy for 6.5 cents. This shows you how cost effective hydro-seeding. Most home owners are looking at about 8-16 cents depending on what part of the country you live.

I will try to help spread the word, but I cannot do it alone. I could use any help I could get.

Remember Always Safety First.


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