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Earn Money by Giving Your Opinion
by Fendi Salim on 11/07/07

The Internet is full of advertisements and offers of making money. By simply giving your opinion regarding various products and services and for sparing about twenty minutes answering simple questions, you can earn from a few dollars to many hundreds depending on your expertise and type of survey.

Mostly, for this work from home opportunity and to get on the bandwagon of answering surveys you need an invitation to join the survey-giving company which means having to apply to those companies that make surveys and that means providing them with your data as well as contact details.

Next, your profile is whetted to see whether you qualify for the survey before being asked to answer questions. This is a very simple and easy way of making money provided you set aside a little time to answer simple questions and you don’t even have to worry whether you are giving the right answer or not.

After all, you are being paid for your opinion and you are entitled to have any opinion that forms in your mind and once you have answered the questions as honestly as possible you can then expect a check via snail mail or a deposit in a payment processor such as PayPal.

There is definitely money to be earned by answering questions in this work at home activity and an average survey could pay you between five and twenty-five dollars and you may even be given an option to open an account with the survey company to let your earnings accumulate till you have earned a decent amount that can be withdrawn via check or PayPal.

So, once you decide that you have the time and also the inclination to work from home by answering survey questions, your next task would be to find the proper survey companies and this is not as easy as you may think as at least seventy percent may pay you with gifts or vouchers but not cash.

Therefore, you want to gravitate towards those survey companies that pay in cash because that is what you are looking for as reward for your honest opinions. You could narrow down the choice by first signing up with paid survey sites that provide you with lists of survey companies that are going to pay you good money for your opinions.

Of course, you will have to pay to get these lists, but the flip side is that you can always earn that much money with just a few surveys. However, even here you need to be choosy and look for those that enjoy a good reputation and which have money back guarantees and which pay through PayPal or ClickBank.

And, you would do well to ascertain that the company has a low rate of refunds which will indicate satisfied clients and thus better prospects of earning the money you want to earn.

By following these simple tips, you should not find any difficulty in turning your opinions into cash and working from home just got that much easier and more profitable as well.


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