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by Milton Bowser on 02/18/08


The opportunity to gain riches is something seldom possible for the average citizen, the cards are stacked against you. Banks lend money primarily to those who are somewhat wealthy while the poor man works his life away wishing for the better things in life to give to his family that are always beyond his reach. To take advantage of any opportunity you must have courage, not foolishness such as sending a few thousand dollars to Nigeria for 12 million dollars to be sent to your bank in your name, or taking a money order to your bank, deducting your funds for a rental or sale and returning the balance of the money by Western Union to another country in Africa; then finding out thirty or forty-five days later that the money order was fraudulent and you, of course, have to pay the money back to your bank.

This is s speculative investment made by myself and myassociates who are betting on the next election. First let me educate you if you are not aware of this method. I will send you to an organization registered with the US Treasury to sell Iraq dinar. They will explain the why and why not's for you to invest intelligently. My job is to direct you to the source which is reputable. There is no financial gain for myself, dlvmagazine,Sitare, Ltd.; or

We have accumulated over ten million Dinari of this currency and we are betting it will be worth a great deal in the future; Why? Because Iraq has more oil reserves than Iran and/ orSaudi Arabia and is the second largest oil exporter in the world in spite of the current internal strife.

If this is the case, why is the Iraq currency so under valued? Because the United States forces the currency to be undervalued to allow them to buy most of the oil produced by Iraq for moving the American military ground and air forces and to block other countries from purchasing this oil at the low prices of the Dinar (the name of currency used in Iraq). This is an expensive war and America is using its power to help deflate the cost.

Halliburton executives used thousands of Iraqi workers and paid them in dinars and charged the US Government US dollars for these same services and after accumulating hundreds of billions of dollars, moved to Dubai out of reach of any congressional hearings. But then again, war makes profits for many. Unfortunately the price is usually paid by those in uniform.

Speaking of uniformed American Military, thousands of soldiers, marines, etc. of all ranks are cashing in their US dollar salaries for Iraqi dinars. They realize that when the new currency prices are set in April in Europe the value of the dinari will move up into profitable territory. When and if the US pulls out of Iraq the value will skyrocket. Even if there is no change in government the value will still increase at a lesser rate. At the moment the exchange value of the dinari is very low and that is how you speculate yourself into a very good position.The Iranian Rial (currency) is valued at approximately one American dollar for one from Iran, less for Saudi Arabia's Riyals. Both of these countries have lower oil reserves than Iraq. Which means that if the American Forces pull out of Iraq there will be in fighting for awhile, but in a short time there will be willingness to share in the oil revenues and the fighting will stop and the country will prosper and all of the military who came home with large Iraq bank accounts will have made a score, or will they? Make no mistake about it, the US Government is not going to allow a lot of every day Joe's become millionaires overnight and swamp the US Treasury with a flood of dinari. There will be so many restrictions placed on converting this currency to US dollars that the owner will lose at least 75 percent of its value.In the meantime, most US Banks have purchased at least a billion dollars of Iraq currency and are holding it for the above opportunity which will be forthcoming and the banks will have no restrictions.

Did I mention that our allies, the Iraqis have signed a billion dollar plus contract with Russia, and another in the works for France. Nice payback for our investment with no dollar value set for any repayments for our investments in this war torn country. Of course we did start the war, that may be or repayment.

So what does a fellow with a million dollars in a foreign currency that will not be accepted by US banks for any decent exchange rate do? Leave the US and conduct your business elsewhere.You will not be able to take your Iraq currency out of the country because it will have value and Americans traveling outside of the US are restricted to carrying a small amount of currency.

How do you transport your moneyy? Sorry, I cannot tell you that would be advising a person to commit an act contrary to our customs laws. However in my case I imagine I would drive to Canada, which has no inspection at the borders, but a lot of inspections at airports. When In Canada I would not go to a bank because banks of all countries work in tandem. If the US puts a hold on exchange of the currency they will ask Canada to do the same to any US citizen.

In Canada I would go to the largest Insurance company in town. They will also be one of the banks largest depositors. I would then purchase an annuity for say five or ten years with monthly payments sent to my US address. The bank deposit would be taken care of by the Insurance company who would not allow an opportunity to use your money for five or ten years to make a handsome profit pass them by.

The last part of my imagined story is something I cannot tell you because it would make you immune from discovery. In my imagination the scenario works out beautifully and this will be a strong possibility in the future, but as I mentioned before I am only day dreaming. Are you a dreamer too?However in reality I can tell you that purchasing this currency at the moment is not a bad idea, speculative, of course, but also a very real possibility of your making a lot of increase in your investment in a short period of time with risk of only a small amount invested.

If this is interesting to you here is a contact with US Treasury approval and license to sell the Iraqi dinar. You are also entitled under the Iraq Coalition Provisional Government order # 39 to buy, it states: "A US citizen has the same right to invest as an Iraqi citizen." At the moment this contact is selling 25,000 dinar for $30.00 (USD); 125,000 Dinar for $120 USD; One million Dinar for $925.00; One billion Dinar for $92,500.00 USD.Link: Buy Iraqi Dinar.

If we had not made these purchases we would not advise or recommend anyone to you. The decision is your call not ours. As I said we profit nothing from relaying this information to you, just showing an average individual that there are still possibilities for wealth if you are pushed in the right direction.

Don't want to risk a thousand dollars? You can buy as little as 25,000 thousand, for thirty dollars USD, fifty, or 100 thousand, or any amount from our contact and sit on the money; perhaps at a later date you will wish you had invested more, but then again perhaps you will be happy that you did not invest more.

We as speculators have learned long ago in life that many things are possible. If you are one of the brave hearts, you can find the photos of the currency and the contact for any purchases by using the link above. If things work out as we feel they might we may be sending you information from the French Rivera in the future, after the elections in November of course. Where will you be after the elections? Not still working on your present job, we hope.

Good Luck,At age 80 I still have not lost the dream quality of life. Milton Courtesy of:


one million dollars real currency cost one thousand dollars speculate.
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