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Love match based on birthday
by Al Zan on 10/19/08

Love match based on birthday

Are you trying to find your love match based on birthday? Well, I have news for you. This doesn't work. I know that many many people think that this type of "science" will help them determine if their loved one is a good match. But it just doesn't.

I know, this is not the answer you wanted. But it's the case nonetheless. Your ability to have a long-term, intimate relationship with someone that leads to years of fulfillment has nothing to do with your birthday. That's right. It has absolutely nothing to do with your birthday.

So what will make your love the "one". Well. It depends on many things. There are many things you can consider if you are trying to determine your computability. First off, how strong are your feelings for each other? If they are strong, this is a great start. How compatible are your views on life? Religion. Politics. Raising children. These are big issues in life and if you are well aligned, there is a strong chance you will stay together.

Are you attracted to each other physically? I know this gets more attention than it deserves, but it is an important factor. Not THE most important factor, mind you. And certainly not as important as all the media wants you to believe. But it is important nonetheless.

Do you and your significant other have money issues? This has been found to be the number one source of conflict for couples by many studies. So perhaps, instead of looking at your birthdays, you should be considering a second job or saving more money to help your relationship last. Yes - That's right. This does not mean you need lots of money, no. You need to be similar in your approaches to money to avoid long-term conflict and fighting.


love match based on birthday
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