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by Milton Bowser on 12/17/07


Things you need to know to understand this article:

A Foley Catheter: A 16 inch rubber-like tube, sterilized with a bulb at one end and double openings on the other end. The double end is used for injecting a fluid into the tube and inflating the so called, Bubble, at the end of the 14 inches that enter your internal system. (To look at the Foley Catheter both ends seem the same except for a small hole on the end that is inserted into your system, this is the portion that inflates when liquid is introduced.

Urethra: A membraneous tube which extends from the bladder to the exterior. In the male in conveys semen as well as urine; Urinary tract.

A Urinary Drainage Bag (Latex free)

Used for Bed, paralyzed and wheelchair Patients. A leg Bag (For patients outside of their hospital or home areas). Also used for dignitaries forced to spend hours in front of live audiences or long meetings. If you wonder why you have never seen a televised program of debates or important International meetings interrupted by someone having to go to the bathroom, now you know why, they are possibly wearing a leg bag connected to a Foley Catheter.

The procedure: (I leave out certain terms in a non medical descrip tion to discourage anyone from trying to duplicate my efforts.)

A nurse, usually an RN exposes your penis (Male) or natural female opening, and inserts 14 of a sixteen inch Foley Catheter (tube) through the urethea, urinary tract into the bladder, which has lost its ability to collapse and completely empty itself. This is a painless but frightening experience not to mention embarrassing. To make matters even more difficult to accept you are confronted with a strange new nurse on each occasion when this Foley Catheter is changed (approximately every three or four weeks). I happened to have a great deal of sediment in my urine which no one could explain and this necessitated changing the Foley Catheter more often. Resulting in more nurses and strange feelings seeing a stranger walk in and ask you to take out your penis.

My first questions to the attending nurses was, how long does this procedure have to continue. ( At the time I was Paralyzed from the waist down and had been in this condition for two years.) I was told that the treatments were never terminated and continued for years.The Urinary drainage bag contains from 50 to 800 milliliters. The amount of fluid released during the night tells the nurse the condition of your urine color, bladder and Foley Catheter. Too little urine for an extended period can send you to the hospital for fear of the urine backing up and poisoning your system from within.The worst danger is infection of the Urinary tract. This can be caused by merely touching the Foley Catheter with a bare finger during the rubber gloved insertion. And can even be caused by putting on the rubber gloves incorrectly. This mistake will send you to emergency with a painful urethra infection which requires treatments of one two or more weeks of expensive hospitalization.You can understand why this is strictly a medical procedure.

In my case I was determined to exit this dreadful situation. I prayed continuously as I had done during the two years of my paralysis and I received an answer as I have for most of my problems which included curing my mothers lymphatic cancer and my prostate Cancer cure (See the, or article (A Lymphatic Cancer Cure, A Prostate Cancer Cure).The answer from my spiritual source was, "Ask Questions," a relatively short and innocuous answer, but I have found that prayers often give a simplistic answer which is often disregarded as worthless.

I asked questions and observed carefully every nurse that attended my needs. After one month I asked a new nurse could I try the procedure myself with her in attendance. She was only too happy to comply. I made the insertion carefully while the nurse was in the bathroom freshening up her make-up. I then inserted the fluid to inflate the balloon. After I finished, instead of relaxing I felt a little nervous. When I expressed this slight discomfort to the nurse she told me it was just because I was inexperienced and the feeling would go away; it did not.

At approximately ten P.M. I was in pain. I called the nursing service and my visiting nurse was on night duty, when I explained that I was in pain she told me to immediately call 9-1-1. I was rushed to the hospital and instead of being forced to wait five or ten hours after explaining my problem, to my amazement I was whisked to emergency. A kindly male RN asked me the problem. I explained what I had done. He immediately removed the bubble fluid and inserted a new Foley Catheter. The fluid drained from my penis was blood for the first ten seconds then the fluid returned to a normal urine color.

I was told that I had inflated the Catheter in my Urethra rather than in my bladder, normally the inflation of the balloon is used to keep the catheter tube from slipping out of the bladder during night time tossing and turning in your sleep. This was a painful and discouraging mistake. Instead of criticising me, the male nurse said: "We'll just chalk this up to experience, but don't let anyone or anything stop you from trying to take care of yourself," this was the first positive advice I had received during the two and one half years of being in and out of hospitals resulting from the Prostate Cancer which had formed two tumors on either side of my lower spine cutting off the messages sent to my lower extremities causing my paralysis.I returned home from the emergency room the same evening. In my mind I was more determined than ever to free myself from this bondage of nurses and Urine retention bags.

I watched carefully the next two nurse visits and then said my prayers for two days and tried to remove the Foley Catheter on my own. The removal was successful, but this had been controlling my system for over two years and I did not know what to expect. I knew there would be a transformation from tube to normal, but I was determined. My wife brought home rubber panties that made me look like Shirley Temple. By this time I could, with difficulty transfer myself from a wheelchair to a portable toilet, which is almost twice as high as the level of a normal toilet.

After the removal, each night I was awakened with the urge to urinate, at first it was five or six times nightly. I had to keep reminding myself that I did not have the catheter and must awaken and wheel myself into the bathroom. After two weeks I was so sleepy during the daytime I could hardly stay awake. I was afraid to go to sleep for fear of having an accidental urination. After two weeks and several bed wettings, my body started to normalize. I immediately started to do pelvic contractions to strengthen the area. Later as my exercises in bed started to pay off and I could stand holding on to the wheel chair, I started exercising with a fifteen pound weight doing half sit-ups in bed and a total of short repetition exercises for my upper body. Approximately two months later I was enjoying close to normal periods of urination, then I started sleeping three and four hours without awakening, I used cranberry juice in a natural extract form, from the nutritional store and this was a great aid; I also drank Cornsilk tea. The most effective agent to stop excessive urination is, Cut Gravel Root, (twigs and branches, not powder);one heaping teaspoon in a cup of hot water and drunk like tea. This item was rejected by my body; it had helped me for five months before my prostate removal operation and cut my bathroom trips from twenty daily to five daily. Of course as most herbs, they stop working after a period of time and have no effect on your body after that occurs. At the end of approximately three months my bathroom habits were normal and have continued to be so until this day, one year after the removal of my Foley Catheter and the dismissal of my dedicated nurses.

I was told that there were five nursing services all servicing patients in the Las Vegas Area on a twenty four hour basis. Las Vegas has only two million people, Imagine what's going on in cities like Los Angeles or New York. I owe my recovery from this urinary problem caused by being confined to bed for over two years, to my prayers and to positive thinking.

I would strongly advise others not to try what I did, not because I want them to be continually serviced by nurses, but if a mistake is made the urine could spill over into their system and cause the person experimenting a more serious problem. For that reason I did not go into details of my removal process. This is a personal success story to show that what they said could not be done, was accomplished; my thanks to God.

PS I am also walking without assistance and my wheel chair is just a memory (At the age of 79) I am also cancer free and take no medications or drugs of any kind.

Good Luck,

Milton Bowser dlvmagazine


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