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Prime Bank Note Roll over Program 'Swindle
by Milton Bowser on 05/04/08

DLVMAGAZINE.COM (Sitare, Ltd. Publishers since 1961)  CRIME:.PRIME BANK NOTES.ROLL PROGRAMS.HIGH YIELD ROLL PROGRAMS.PRIME BANK DEBENTURES.TRADING PROGRAMS(FOR HUMANITARIAN PURPOSES) and the list goes on. PRIME BANK NOTE/ROLL PROGRAM SWINDLE For twenty years I traveled the globe trying to put together high finance loans for businesses. It was a true learning experience and from zero I moved to a positive position to make these loans, and complete understanding of investing in trading programs, Prime bank debentures, High yield rollover programs, etc. This is a copy of the text of a  bank letter from my files dated, January 5, 1990 before I retired and gave up the quest for billions.(These statements are made under the threat of perjury) Name of Bank, DateTo: Mr. Milton Bowser c/o _____________ Esq. Attorney addressBeverly Hills, CA 90212 Dear Mr. Bowser:As you know, we have closed your Escrow file no. 234194-P pursuant to your cancellation instructions with respect to same, however, we find that your documents deposited with us were never returned to you for your personal records. Therefore we return herewith the following described documentation for a final conclusion to our files:  1. Hard copy collateral commitment from Prudential Bache, Main Office, New York, New York. 2. Hard copy collateral commitment from Baird Patrick, Main Office, New York, New York. 3. Hard Copy collateral commitment from principal (individual) Name withheld per your instructions. 4.Two hundred (200) Municipal Bonds, face value $1,000.00 each.  5. Hard copy, open collateral commitment from Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. Main office, South Bay area, California. Sincerely,(Signature) (Typed name)Vice President/Escrow Officer All of my transactions were performed through banks, only and for loans only. The reason I am sharing these documents is to let you know where your advice is coming from. First, investment in: high yield trading programs, Bank Promissory notes, Roll-Over programs, Prime bank notes, etc. are programs destined for disaster.The United States Government cannot stop the flow of those corporations in need willing to invest in programs that promise to return close to 200%+ interest. You may think this sounds foolish, especially to high earning businessmen who should know better note this occurrence; One scheme brought down by the Federal Government collected 26 million dollars in eighteen months promising huge investment returns. The various government agencies recovered 11 million, the rest was included as a levy on future earnings for those sentenced to 360 months for the principal and lesser, but severe sentences for the others. How do these programs exist? Secrecy is the main aspect. Key words to alert you are: Prime Bank Promissory Notes, Roll Programs, which last for one year and pay 50% interest per roll over (monthly). Trading Programs, Hard to access, money is pooled to meet the 500 million minimum requirements. Request meeting off shore;Europe, especially London, Islands such as Nassau, N.P. Bahamas, etc. Deposit required to set up your place in program, Prime bank Notes pay 7 1/2 % yearly, bank wire transfer your money to an off shore Trustee's bank account, Trustee controls program, Only top officials or trust departments of banks are aware of these programs and try to discourage people from investing in them; Promissory notes issued by top 100 or top 50 European Banks or top 50 US Banks, Banks issue these notes when they need money and do not have to place it on their books, you must sign a non-disclosure contract, To enter program you must have a charitable source to which you wish to donate at least half of your profits, Bank references and business references are shown, these are not loans, just profit making traders who are charitable minded.  Your contacts are usually well dressed, Rolex watches, high line autos unless outside of the US then they use rental limos. If you have heard any of these key words and you are a potential investor to salvage your corporation during hard times, you are flirting with bankruptcy, loss of your deposit, association with criminals which will cause you to be secretly investigated and possibly detained if you are in the company of those arrested. I could tell you horror stories and of those known to me who are in prisons but the key words will alert you. If you have already invested you can contact the FBI, and the Treasury Departments, Bureau of Public Debt; The enforcement and compliance division, office of the comptroller of currency. If a bank has filed a, SAR Report (Suspicious Activity Report) your name or account may have been listed as a possible target because of your association. There is also the SEC Division of enforcement, these agencies have personnel trained in tracking these International activities and may be able to restore a portion of your losses. There are also experts in this field in the Secret Service, CID and England's SIS; and our own beloved IRS. This information will help you a great deal. And don't think I'm so smart, I met a group from San Francisco who showed me a contact letter from the richest man in Hong Kong stating that he would obtain any bank notes these contacts needed at cost, as a result of their friendship. I met the group in Nassau, N.P. Bahamas At the time I had a letter from a Bank president but it was a small bank, I wanted to meet this Chinese Contact and had time between transactions for loans. The trip to the islands required a six month stay and without my knowledge the group had collected one million dollars in deposits during the six month period. I left for Switzerland, still not having made the Chinese connection. My office told me that a statement for $75,000.00 came in from charges made on my credit card by the San Francisco Group. The ring leader, absconded with the entire amount of deposits collected. Fortunately I had not collected any deposit money. He also took a gold coin collection from a contact of mine valued at a high price. At least my contact was paid. The leader contracted lung cancer from smoking. With no insurance, the hospital required that he sign over his new, seventeen mile drive, California home to receive treatment, the home purchased with the deposits, which he did not return; He died shortly thereafter. The losses of the investors were never recovered. Nor, of course was any of the American Express Gold Card Charges paid by myself and my associates.So take care and be careful of Prime Bank note schemes that we have mentioned, whatever the financial problems of your corporation may be, you will somehow weather the storm, but the last thing you need is to become involved as a target of these schemes being investigated. Good Luck, Milton Bowserdlvmagazine Courtesy of:    


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