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Returning to work again...
by jean nepomuceno on 06/25/08

First night again of my graveyard shift. 7pm til 5am. I did not work...yet. What I did is to read and erased just some of my three thousand plus emails in my mail's inbox. Imagine, as soon as I entered our office, I saw my computer full of dust as well as some of my things! I called the janitor on duty and asked him to immediately clean my place as well as the rugs in my area and disinfect it. I think our company just used cheap rugs because the rug's designs faded easily. My gawd, I can't work with such kind of dirt around me, specially now that I just got Bronchial asthma. Good thing, I am bringing my alcohol. Call me OC but I literally showered my terminal alcohol. I just did that to disinfect more my office place.  


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