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    by BlogSkinny on 07/25/14

    Welcome to our Running Topic page at Perhaps you run for fun. Maybe you are a professional runner and sports are your life. Either way, you will find interesting running information here. Connect with others who run, view running as a central part of their life. Discuss running shoes, exercise patterns, and walking strength training. People who are BIG into sports, generally take their sport with great seriousness. As do we here. We understand the passion runners have and support that. Many of our authors are also runners. They write blogs and articles on the topic of running and contribute daily.

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    Keep on Running: Last Minute Marathon Tips
    by Andrew Regan on 2008-04-11 05:15:54.0

    The road to readiness for a marathon is a long one and anyone who has taken on the challenge of running one will know that the preparation takes months. If you've been in training and are set to ru

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