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The world’s most luxurious resort – a moot point
by Victoria Cochrane on 05/01/08

Opinions are divided about which resort is the most luxurious in the world, after all there are so many from which to choose, and exactly what defines a luxury resort in the first place? Plus, what may be perfect for one person may not appeal to someone else’s tastes.

According to Wikipedia, a luxury resort is a ‘very expensive holiday facility which is fully staffed and has been rated with five stars’. Usually, the defining elements of a luxury resort include an excellent customer service ethic and hospitality meaning that resort staff’s primary concern is the comfort of guests.

Luxury resorts will also boast an ‘interesting physical location’, and impressive accommodation and entertainment buildings. They will usually provide a series of exclusive sports, leisure or entertainment options, and depending upon their location these could include golf, water sports and skiing.

Vastly different, luxury resorts can be found in mountain, beach or city locations, but the overriding factor that combines them all is their efforts to provide an unparalleled level of comfort for their guests.

For many the perfect luxurious resort would be located next to a shallow blue sea, benefitting from a hot climate and where you are treated like royalty. Locations could include old favourites such as the Caribbean and Mauritius, or relative newcomers such as Dubai, and the other Emirates. Indeed, the Emirate of Dubai is expanding its tourist facilities at an almost exponential rate, and that includes the construction of a series of incredibly exclusive luxury resorts. Such is their quality that it would be difficult to name only one luxury Dubai resort, as there are now so many that offer guests a truly sublime experience.

But, luxury resorts don’t have to be limited to beach locations; there are many ski resorts throughout the world that definitely come under the banner of luxury resorts, attracting the rich and famous to them each ski season. And it isn’t just holiday locations where luxurious resorts are in demand; many major cities throughout the world have exclusive resorts used by the world’s top entrepreneurs as they carry out their important business.

It is just too difficult to classify any resort as the best in the world, as that is a purely subjective opinion. One individual’s perception of the perfect luxury resort will differ from another’s depending upon their personal tastes. Anyway, there are so many why limit oneself by ranking them? Surely, it is better to visit as many as humanly possible in order to compile one’s own list of favourites!


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