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Things to consider while making bridal shower invitations
by Al Zan on 11/05/08

One cannot deny the importance of bridal shower invitations for organizing that perfect bridal shower. Apart form being articulate, nowadays the bridal showers invitations have to be trendy and attractive looking too. Obviously, things have changed a lot from the past when the town criers would be inviting people to parties and events in the middle ages. Previously, there existed books on etiquette that instructed on the ways of addressing invitations. Of course, no particular rule is applicable to bridal shower invitations anymore. Unlike wedding invitations, the bridal shower invitations do not have to be engraved or carry religious or formal messages. One can use this liberty to reflect the personality of the bride in the bridal shower invitations.

Nevertheless, it must be remembered that certain bare essentials have to be necessarily included in the bridal shower invitations. These include the name of the bride, date, venue, time and the RSVP name and the number. The theme of the shower also should be mentioned in the invitation in case there is one. The designing of the bridal shower invitations itself may reflect the theme. In case the shower is a surprise, it is important to mention it in the bridal shower invitations along with the exact time at which the bride is expected to arrive at the venue. The place at which the bride is registered is also an important information that may be included in the bridal shower invitations. At times, it might even be useful to include the directions to the venue of the shower in the bridal shower invitations. Sometimes, the bride and groom may not wish to receive gifts and that must also be mentioned in bridal shower invitations.

For printing options in case of bridal shower invitations, getting them printed in a printer shop or even at home works quite well. Purchasing ready made invitations is generally an easier alternative. They can even be custom made according to your choice and preferences. The number of invitees along with the size of the budget should be kept in mind while making your choice. Bridal shower invitations can also be ordered over the internet for convenience sake.

The content of the bridal shower invitations might depend on the theme of the shower. It is also important to keep in mind the level of formality of the event while choosing the wording. Even while designing, it must be borne in mind that invitees get a clue about what to expect when they arrive at the shower. These days, bridal shower invitations often are in the form of poems or rhymes. Excerpts from the wedding vows can also be used in the invitations. Whether traditional or fun, one must make sure that the invitation covers all the essential components including the theme of dressing, gifts, directions to the place and the like.

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