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What Does Hydroseeding A Lawn Cost?
by Ed on 01/24/08

There never seems to be a end to the benefits of a hydroseeded new lawn. The hydroseeding professional contractors like Badges Properties LLC can save people money right from the start. Many companies offer hydroseeding as a small selected service of their landscaping company. What people need to find is a company like Badges Properties LLC who have a division of the company that is dedicated to hydroseeding new lawns and erosion barriers for land developers. Badges Properties LLC concentrates on the hydroseeding needs of each client, be it a new home owner or a home builder/land developer.

The choice of the right hydroseeding professional contractor can be a difficult one for people. Many companies out there are feeling the pinch of the falling housing market. Many will do and say anything as long as they get the home owner or builder to sign a contract with them. There is really no cost savings or benefits to anyone who uses this kind of contractor, the thing it does is hurt the industry of professionals who try very hard to provide a honest and legal service for people. The average person will get 1-3 quotes on the services they need when it comes to spending more then a $1000. They will encounter people with just sales people selling them services to the company owners wearing many different hats for their company, I was in sales and always hated the high pressure sales tactics. So, with that said, sales people don't get paid or keep their jobs very long if they don't sell, if you know what I mean.

I try to let people know the benefits and cost savings of installing a new lawn via hydroseeding vs the old and straw/seed process. First off there is no comparision between the two. It is like comparing apples to oranges, the hydroseeding process is a far higher quality product and service. This the first pit fall that home owners and builders most be careful not to fall in. Many people with less Morales and ethics would lead people to believe that the product is the same when it is not.

Lets take a look at this, straw-straw grows weeds, do we want weeds or grass? Grass, right. Seed- has the seed been prepared for planting and what quality level is it. Straw/seed process just blows straw and seed across your top soil. Pretty simple low tech process.

Now, let's look at the high tech hydroseeding process. A premium blended seed soaked in a water based solution, prior to being placed on your top soil. The water soluble starter fertilizer, mulch, tacktifier(bonding agent)and a high tech water retention compound all mixed together and blended by jets to provide a consistent evenly mixed slurry. The green slurry mixture is then applied via a hose with a control valve for a consistent and even spread mixture over the prepared top soil. The blend is highly cost effective by creating a even mixture, not over or under applying the product therefore saving money right from the start. I know this is what Badges Properties does, as for the rest we can only hope others have pride in their product and services also.

The hydroseeded lawn will give a sod quality lawn with in 4 weeks with the proper care. That is correct, 4 weeks to a sod quality lawn. The best part, again is the cost savings of hydroseeding will easily be seen when compared to sod, as a hydroseeded lawn costs a fraction of a sod installation. Many landscapers enjoy installing sod as it is high labor and very high profit for them. You do get a instant lawn, but sod also must be highly cared for or it will take, meaning it will die.

Try finding a contractor to explain all of this to you, some will take the time, most just want the sale. I prefer to educate my clients, not just sell them. I can only try to help people and their homes by taking the time to write educational articles. I never know who will get the benefits of my advice, as the Internet is so large. Some could say I am only promoting Badge Properties, if this was all I was doing I would only provide this information to people in my area. I also would not invite people to please e-mail me with there questions, obviously if Badges Properties is located in Wisconsin, the greater Milwaukee area and I help a person with a hydroseeding question that lives in Colorado, there is no sale or direct benefit to me. I just have the satisfaction that I was able to help someone make a educated decision.

I am a writer and enjoy writing. I have many articles on many topics, many cover the same subject, as I never know who has been able to see my other articles on that same topic. For those of you out there who are still thinking to your self, he never gave the cost per square foot? The cost to hydroseed a lawn can run 8-18 cents a square foot. Don't get confused as some contractors like to put it into square yards. Again, I may not be able to have Badges Properties help you out directly, but I do try to answers any questions people have.

Good luck in finding a hydroseeding professional in your area.


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