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    Preparations for applying floor painting material i.e. resin flooring, epoxy flooring
    by floorpainting on 2011-07-25 00:54:55.0

    Floor painting material needs to be chosen with great consideration about the requirements. Resin flooring and epoxy flooring are the two most common flooring materials preferably used by people in ga

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    Polished Concrete | Concrete Driveways | Concrete Floors
    by chace on 2011-07-11 21:42:53.0

    "we offer polished concrete, concrete floors, concrete driveways and other concreting works. we comply with the wants and needs of the customer to get what they want.Don't be just contented with a pl

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  • 29Jun
    Making your garage floors look renewed - garage floor paint, garage floor tiles
    by vuba on 2011-06-29 01:53:14.0

    Among the various flooring options for garage, epoxy garage floor paint and garage floor tiles are among the most popular. Tarmac paint and other wall/floor paints cannot be applied on garage floors.

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    Floor Heating Cables
    by on 2009-09-07 04:17:49.0

    Thermo Floor Heating Cables (FHC) again a robust and tough cable which can be embedded in the concrete slab floors for floor heating and snow-melting applications. FHC are ideally suited for installat

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  • 28Aug
    Bathroom Ideas
    by on 2009-08-28 13:13:46.0

    Collection of bathroom ideas, bathroom design ideas, bathroom decorating ideas, bathroom tile ideas, small bathroom ideas, and bathroom ideas pictures.

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