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    Global Startups journey, part-1
    by sanjit on 2012-02-07 03:19:48.0

    Hi all... MindCron is a blogging platform for the Technology and business, has decided to pick up some hottest startups from the globe and give the informative details about that. Detail includes abou

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    Arab Spring: Understanding the Reasons
    by danny on 2011-10-01 17:36:54.0

    Dedication of the people to embrace democracy and freedom, shows the world that the time of dictators are over. This article tries to analize the reasons behind the upheaval took place in the Middle E

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    fix computer problems
    by mjali on 2011-03-28 01:03:09.0

    im bussiness man in computer and services in malaysia. I write, i read everything i known and to known. I like this technology because i create my blog. i want to share for anyone to known about IT. L

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    AL Gore Global Warming Myth
    by on 2009-09-05 22:41:15.0

    Al Gore and Global Warming

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