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Dedicated server reseller
by Al Zan on 01/11/10

Have you ever wondered what a dedicated server reseller really is and how it works? Well, the reselling market is really a bit odd. You have the team that does the work on the one hand. Then you have another team that is selling the services - these are known as the resllers. And the two need to work quite closely together yet they are not in the same organization. This is where it get's tricky.

In the case of dedicated server reseller programs, the sales team needs to have a solid understanding of the plans. They need to know what is in each one and represent them appropriately. Luckly, in the server world, this is not that hard to do. Yes, this is a very technical topic. But all of the specs are really quantifiable and you can build a table telling the customer exactly what they will get and they will understand. Just show them the data and then give them a fair price. It should work out.


dedicated server reseller
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