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Patch management for company networks
by Al Zan on 01/05/11

Patch management for company networks is typically something only discussed in the context of a traditional computer system. However, the use of sophisticated company smartphones, including the iPhone, have expanded this dialog considerably in recent years. Any sophisticated device that is capable of computing should always have a patch management program in place in order to automatically install the latest security patches and updates as soon as they become available. This is particularly true of corporate smartphone networks, as failing to employ proper patch management techniques can potentially result in a catastrophic data breach of epic proportions in the wrong hands. And of course, patch management software for smartphones is an excellent way to stop a rotten little cyber virus from infecting your entire smartphone network and potentially destroying all of the expensive, sophisticated handsets that cost the company so much.

Be sure to choose your patch management software carefully. For example, if you happen to be the administrator for a network full of iPhones, make sure that the patch management software that you eventually choose is fully compatible not only with Apple software, but with the exact iPhone versions your company distributes. Doing otherwise can potentially cause massive system issues with the individual handsets themselves, up to and including the destruction of said devices via good intentions.

A search engine query for the exact make and model of iPhone that your company uses, as well as the phrase patch management software reviews, is probably one of the best places to start on your quest for this vital software. Choose the most reliable and highly praised patch management software from across several different sites, and double check with Apple to make sure that the software is indeed approved for installation on your particular iPhones. Make sure that your patch management software of choice is installed on all handsets as soon as possible, and your security should be that much tougher to crack!


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