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Purchase internet domain name
by Al Zan on 12/03/09

So you have decided, purchase internet domain name today so that you can launch your website under your own flag. Honestly, i really don't understand why more people don't buy their own domain name. It costs under $10 and it is your little piece of real estate on the Internet. Once you own a domain name, nobody can take it away from you as long as you pay your yearly dues, which should be $10 or less.

But when many people think about it the process, purchase internet domain name, it can be intimidating. I mean there is all this technical lingo around it. Domain names, dns, website, server, IP address, etc. It is enough to scare people away from what is otherwise a very simple process. If you want to do this, you can. That's the bottom line. Purchasing your domain name, in hindsite, will be the easiest thing you've done in a long time.

The truth is that building your website and then promoting it are much harding then purchasing the domain name. Yet people can somehow get their heads around website design. I guess it is because there are so many tools to help people do that. When it comes to the server communication stuff people get very worried they will get it wrong. But here is the real scoop:

Purchase internet domain name in 3 easy steps:

1) Go to GoDaddy directly, or find a great coupon code on some website (hummmmm).

2) Click search for domain names. The first 5 you will try will already be taken. Try adding "my" or "the" to the front of whatever domain name you want.

3) Click purchase. I recommend only buying for 1 year. You should pay NO MORE THAN $10 for this. Decline ALL of the other services they are trying to sell you. You don't need them. And they only make money on those other services so they will likely ask you over and over to buy them. Stick to your budget and only spend $10.

That's it. You are done. You are now the proud new owner of And you can own it for life as long as you continue to pay the annual domain name registration free.

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purchase internet domain name
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