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Raid 5 data recovery
by Al Zan on 12/21/09

Recovering from a data crash is a difficult task in any circumstance. If you have a raid 5 data recovery project ahead of you I do not envy you. Raid arrays are notoriously difficult to piece back together after there has been some sort of disaster. The reasons for this are simple, the raid array is set up to be redundant input data in many different places in case a hard drive crashes. But when you've had a disaster that surpasses your fault tolerance or is a disaster of the core machination to keep track of where the data is, then you have a serious problem putting it all back together.

Raid 5 data recovery is a service where you try to piece together the parts that have gone missing and get the data back from your hard drives. Most people are in this situation looking at a data recovery company only because they do not have adequate backups or redundancy for the entire array. While it is easy in hindsight to realize this is a failure of basic information technology tenants, it is easy to let happen. Business is competitive and people get busy and backups are something very easy to push to the back burner. After that happens when a disaster arrives you're left with no choice but to try to do a raid 5 data recovery strategy.


raid 5 data recovery
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