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Raid data recovery service: What is it
by Al Zan on 11/29/09

If you have ever run a large information-technology shop then you're familiar with the concept of raids. A raid drive array is a configuration of hard drives specifically set up for speed of data read and write. There are several different configurations of raid that people use depending on the primary purpose of the server. For example if the server will have many rights but not as many reads they will use a different configuration than if it is a read-only server. A typical distinction is that between a transaction server and a reporting server But what happens when your raid fails beyond its fault tolerance? And worse yet, what do you do when you don't have backups? Well then you contact our raid data recovery service.

Hopefully you've ever had to use a raid data recovery service, which means you've been religious about your backups. It's not a question of whether you've had failures, as any shop of any significant size as failures pretty much all the time. This is the nature of technology, things break down after a while and stop working well. But the issue is whether you have memory backup systems, secondary backup systems, and tertiary plan in case both the primary and secondary fail. It is this lack of planning or some sort of catastrophic disaster that takes out all three levels of redundancy that will cause you to seek a reboot recovery service.

A raid data recovery service will take your hard drives from a field storage array and try to piece back together data that's on the drives. This is no small task. Disk drives are not made to be taken out of their raids and read by another machine. There are many aspects of the drive array are stored locally and only make sense to the hard drives in the disk array. This is why it is so difficult to reconstruct a raid and external site and try to piece the data back together. But the service you should be experienced in this domain and have several tools they can use to read the directory tables and other meta-tables they need to reconstruct how the data was organized before the disaster. In essence this is what you are paying them to do when all of your backups have failed.


raid data recovery service
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