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Syslog tool resources
by Al Zan on 05/21/10

My brother was working on a project for school the other day and he had to write about something that he said was a syslog tool. When I heard the word I laughed a little bit and then I wished him good luck since I really did not know what the word even meant. I watched him go up to my father and ask him is he knew what syslog tool was. My dad had the most puzzled look of his face and asked my brother to spell out syslog tool. Even after knowing how it was spelled my dad admitted that he really could be of no help to him at that moment. I was very curious so I asked him is he had any idea what syslog tool even had to do with. He said that his professor had assigned the task so that he could learn a new word and also learn about how many people around him were familiar with the term. At the end of it all he had to try to explain to half of the people that he asked what the word meant. So I felt comfortable knowing that even if I did not help him understand the word I would eventually find out just what it meant. I told him that he should just look it up syslog tool online to which he quickly responded that his professor had told him that he could not use the internet to find out what the word meant. He explained that the point of the project was to realize that all the information in the internet exists in someone else's mind where any word can be found through other people in the world. I thought it was a really interesting project and I wondered how long it would take him to find out what the word meant.


syslog tool
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